Jul 07 2012

Pitch-perfect birthday greeting

Wednesday of this past week marked my f … let’s just say … a very significant birthday, and Dr. Darling woke me up with breakfast-in-bed in the traditional Swedish fashion, except that she substituted Walker’s Shortbread Fingers for birthday cake. Yes, you read that right … Swedes seem to think it’s best to eat your birthday cake and open gifts first thing, as in before you’ve even had your morning tinkle, which is why I’ve never really been bothered by the fact that Dr. Darling can only seem to manage it once every 10 years.

Among my presents was an 8×11 sheet of paper with a screen-capture from a congratulatory e-card featuring a cartoon of some ants playing African drums. This was entirely appropriate considering that Dr. Darling and I will be going on safari in Tanzania next month, a trip which is part birthday and anniversary present for both of us.

What didn’t really make sense was the fact that in addition to my Swede, it had been “signed” by all of my siblings in the US, my mother, all of my in-laws, and my best buddy the Alpha Geek and his family. But then again, it was a milestone-type birthday, so it’s fair to imagine that all of those folks might want to congratulate me first thing on in the morning on the Big Day.

Here’s a YouTube video of the e-card on which this message was based:

It’s cute, right? But what I didn’t know at the time, and would not find out until much later in the day (as in mid-evening), was that all of the people who had signed the card had gotten together to get me this:

Ladies & Gentlemen ... We have drums!!! via sh...

Ladies & Gentlemen ... We have drums!!! via shazzersnaps

I was COMPLETELY surprised! It was so unexpected, in fact, that I couldn’t even guess what it was when the Alpha Geek dragged out the HUGE box that had been hidden in a closet at his place since Midsummer Weekend. Suddenly the African Drumming Ants card made absolutely perfect sense.

And of course the big reveal unfolded while on a Skype video chat with my Mom, brother, one sister and my youngest niece in the U.S. How friggin’ fantastic was THAT?!

As it was kind of late on Wednesday when all of this transpired, and we were loaded down with stuff from a road-trip we’d taken earlier in the day, we didn’t actually get them back to our place and set up until last night. Turns out they are even more fun in our livingroom than they are in music stores!

We do plan to return the box to the Alpha Geek’s place, however, as our little god-daughter was basically tortured by having to look at it but not open it for three whole days. Now we just have to figure out what to put back in it!

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