Jul 17 2012

I’d mack on Michelle, too!

Seems at least 3/4 of the First Family took in a Team USA men’s basketball game in Washington DC last night and could not escape the watchful eye of either the Secret Service or the arena’s “Kiss Cam.”

Evidently the First Lady didn’t feel like playing along the first time they appeared on the scoreboard screens and the audience booed when there was no smooch. (I’m sure the Rightwing Nuttery will have a field day with that video.) But the second time the camera stopped on the First Couple, Michelle appeared to be over-ruled by the President, who decided to embrace the on-demand PDA.

But the best part of the video by far is Malia’s reaction when she realizes her Dad is going to go for it. In the video below, you can actually hear her shout “Dad, NO!!!” just like any other teenager would when confronted with the fact that the parental units are about to embarrass her in public. 

The good stuff starts at around :55.

I have never been shy about my admiration for our First Family, and this incident clearly shows why my warm & fuzzies are fully justified.

The video below is from the same camera (part of a news report on a UK TV network) and it stays on the group much longer, showing that Malia probably wasn’t the most embarrassed member of the family after all. C’mon Michelle!!  EMBRACE THE ON-DEMAND PDA!!!


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