Jul 25 2012

Santana’s sage advice

Though my geek-cred tends to run pretty deep, I don’t usually follow Comic Con. Which is not to say that I won’t very happily watch YouTube videos of Comic Con panel discussions that interest me.

This year the cast of Glee was out in force and I particularly enjoyed a comment from my current Glee Girl Crush Naya Rivera. When asked what advice Season 3’s openly lesbian-in-love Santana would give to Season 1’s closeted-and-pissed-off Santana, she replied very emphatically, “Stay away from Finn!”

One of my favorite lesbian blogs, Dorothy Surrenders, picked up on the significance of this advice right away and posted a fantastic dance video dedicated to Santana ( which I knew immediately HAD TO BE be posted here … it just took me a couple of days to get around to it). 

Is that not too much fun?! I’ve personally accounted for an embarrassingly high number of the total views for this video and I DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS IT.

But in the course of confessing my progression of Glee Girl Crushes in the comments section of the wonderful Dorothy Surrender’s entry, I realized that I had the makings of a blog post of my own. (It’s not plagarism if I’m stealing my own comment, right?)  So here’s a slightly more polished version of what I shared with Dorothy Surrender readers:

My progression of Glee Girl Crushes has gone like this:

Season 1Dianna Agron. Quinn was pretty evil back then, and while it disturbs me to admit it, I occasionally find evil kind of sexy.

Season 2: Heather Morris. Her dance moves have always been mesmerizing, but for some reason I could not take my eyes off Brittany whenever she was on-screen. This often led  to me missing large chunks of the storyline, so basically, I thought Season 2’s continuity issues were my own fault.

Season 3: All Naya, ALL THE TIME. Santana was the perfect combination of Quinn’s Season 1 evil and Brittany’s Season 2 goofy sweetness. I have a feeling (NO, not in my pants!) that I’ll be sticking with Naya in Season 4. To misquote H.I. McDonnough in “Raising Arizona” (one of the funniest films EVER), “I think I [finally] got the best one.”

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