Aug 05 2012

We interrupt the Olympics for this brief vacation preview

This weekend was way too short, because when I wasn’t watching the Olympics, I was immersed in vacation prep … which today included our 2nd round of oral cholera vaccine. Yum! NOT.

Ironically, this task made it rather easy to stay home and watch more of the London Summer Games, because neither the Swede nor myself felt it was a good idea to stray too far from a bathroom, if you get my drift.

Tomorrow we get to add the 2nd round of Hepatitis A & B into the mix (not orally, unfortunately) and the regime of anti-malaria meds start next week. Between the rumbly tummy and watching the pharmaceutical bills pile up, I was almost on the verge of asking myself if this trip was going to be worth it.  And then I saw this:

Oh yeah. TOTALLY worth it.


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  1. ronald tibbs

    Sweeeeet! We are soooo envious of you two. I’m absolutely positive the slight discomfort and inconvenience you’re experiencing now will be a long forgotten memory the second you see Africa from the window of your plane.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! And video of course.

    1. Shazzer

      I’m sure you’re right, Ron! We plan to make you happy on the photo front. Were taking two digital SLR’s, four different lenses, and enough storage to take 2,000 photos. (And that’s not counting my iPhone!)

  2. Karrie

    When are u going and how long? Lots of pictures, please!

  3. Shazzer

    11 days starting August 15! We’ve purposely reserved a full week of vacation time *after* we get back just to process and post pictures!

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