Aug 12 2012

Ironically bad timing

I ate a bug today. Not on purpose, mind you, I was on my bike moving at a pretty good clip when it flew into my mouth and wedged itself at the back of my throat. I had no choice but to swallow it.

It happened so fast that I didn’t even see what kind of bug it was, though I did manage to remark to Dr. Darling (who was conveniently riding behind me and therefore somewhat shielded from the swarm) that I hoped it wasn’t the kind that could sting me on its way down my esophagus.

This is kind of inside joke between the Swede and myself, because I basically eat a bug while biking on an annual basis, or with at least enough regularity and consistency for us to consider it a tradition. But given how infrequently I’ve been on my bike this summer (no more than once or twice a week due to the consistently crappy weather), I honestly thought I might get out of it this year.

Today we had some safari-related errands to run so we biked to one of our favorite outdoor equipment stores to buy … wait for it … a mosquito sleeping net. (Some of the lodges and camps we will be staying at provide them, but some of them do not.)

But it gets even better! While at the store we also found the kind of bug net that you can put on over a hat to keep flies off your face and neck …  so we bought a couple of those as well. But of course they were tucked safely in my pannier for the ride home, leading to this exchange with the easily-embarrassed Swede:

Shazzer: So basically, I ate a bug while carrying not one but THREE different devices specifically designed to repel insects.

Dr. Darling: Yeah, but think of how goofy you would have looked wearing a bug net while biking,

Shazzer: Since when has that ever stopped me from wearing anything?

Dr. Darling: Good point. It’s always nice to stick to a tradition.


  1. ronald tibbs

    Wow! The grill jokes are lining up for that one. I’m sure you could probably find a mouth bug guard out there somewhere, although I imagine you’d need a straw for your water bottle while wearing it.

    If you’re going to swallow a bug I’d say you picked the right country in which to do it. Africa, not so much. ;P

  2. Shazzer

    LOL! I agree that Swedish bugs are probably a little less dangerous than African ones, for sure!

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