Aug 15 2012


We are soon headed for Copenhagen to begin our journey to the Dark Continent … and by “dark” I mean *extremely limited internet access*. Which means most of the stories and images from our adventures will probably be share after-the-fact … kind of like NBC’s version of the London Olympics!

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that Dr. Darling is very much looking forward to me being “off-the-grid” … this trip is, after all, something of a belated honeymoon for us. (My brother was over from the US when we got married last year, so while we did take a trip to Bergen, Norway, immediately after the nuptials, he served as a somewhat sheepish chaperone.) 

However, as it is *East Africa*, we don’t plan to advertise the fact that we’re married. In fact, we even talked about leaving our rings at home. But then the Swede, who had never worn any kind of ring regularly before we got engaged and wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about the idea in the first place, said: “But it will feel really weird not to have my ring on!”  So we’re compromising by wearing them on different fingers. And if anyone asks, we’re cousins … it’s a family thing!

Now let’s just hope that we don’t experience any side effects from the 1st dose of anti-malarial medicine on our multiple flights today. So NOT romantic.

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  1. Karrie

    Have a great trip and stay safe!

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