Aug 15 2012

Whoever said “getting there is half the fun” was lying

English: Qatar Airlines at Manchester Airport

English: Qatar Airlines at Manchester Airport (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’ve been at Kastrup for two hours now, and have just now settled in at the gate … which only opened about 3 minutes ago despite the fact that all airport info signage has been directing people here for hours.

The Qatar Airlines staff I talked to yesterday when the electronic check -in system did not seat us together on the 2nd flight assured me that they’d be able to straighten it out at the airport check-in … “just get there plenty early.” HA! 

Turns out they’re in the middle of switching over to a new system (which is probably why our seating was screwed up to begin with) and the Kastrup network was not talking to the Doha network … so after checking in online AND waiting in a queue to check-in AGAIN in person, we’re still in different sections of the plane for the 5-hour flight to Nairobi. I guess we’ll have a task when we get to Doha tonight. 

Glancing around the departure lounge, I’m not seeing a lot of little kids, but this is clearly a favored route for continuing on to Asia … which makes sense. Dr. Darling and I have already had our first glitch (if we don’t count the seating screw-up … which we shouldn’t because it’s not our fault) in that the BIG bottle of pain reliever ended up in one of our checked bags and the *little bottle* in my carry-on.

Let’s just say that it’s the WRONG time of the month for a certain someone to be without ibuprofen.  Fortunately, Denmark sells over-the-counter meds at places like 7-11 and I was able to supplement the *little bottle* with an 20 additional tablets in fairly short order.

And now that she’s no longer in pain, all the Swede is worried about is whether or not her condition is going to attract lions.

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  1. ronald tibbs

    I think that’s just a wives tale. It’s the land sharks she’ll need to worry about. #WhoIsIt?LandShark!

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