Aug 20 2012

Balloon Landing [video]

I’m feeling a little guilty about my earlier description of our hot air balloon safari experience, which …  quite understandably, I think … was darkly colored by the fact that Dr. Darling was so miserably sick at the time. While the overcast skies were beyond anyone’s control and the lack of visible game would have bummed us out even on a crystal clear day, the actual act of ballooning was still pretty darn cool. 

From launch to landing, the whole process was kind of fascinating. And the pilot was not lying when he said the flight would be smooth and gentle on the Swede’s unhappy gut. Because you’re actually moving the same speed as the wind, it doesn’t feel windy when you’re aloft.  But it also made it difficult to sense how fast the balloon is actually moving.

I was unable to shoot video during our take off and landing because I needed both hands to follow the pilot’s instructions. But I did manage to catch another balloon from the fleet coming in for a landing.

If you’d prefer to watch the video on YouTube, click here.

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