Aug 23 2012

Elephants can absolutely pass on the right

I very rarely shoot video with my iPhone … primarily because I have no idea what to do with it afterward. I’ve never felt compelled to share video the way I do photos and status updates, probably because I’ve yet to find a fast and easy way to edit video on-the-fly.

But multiple close encounters with wild animals while on safari in Tanzania inspired me to “roll video” several times even though I knew the results would probably never make it off my iPhone … especially if it was up to me to handle the “post-production.” I just don’t have the patience or interest to learn a desktop video editing tool at the moment, especially with the Swede pushing me to be a better digital still photographer. (My brain can only handle so many mediums at a time, apparently.)

And then I remembered that my Flickr account makes video posting as simple and easy as photo posting, as long as I’m willing to put them up “raw.” Turns out, I can live with that!

So here’s one of our first close encounters in the Serengeti … shot over Dr. Darling‘s shoulder from inside our safari jeep. If you listen closely you can hear our guide, Benja, tell her to get the camera inside and roll-up the window. You can also see why she complied. ;^)

If you prefer to watch the video on YouTube, you can see it here.

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