Aug 26 2012

“There’s no place like home.”

As much as I love to travel, see new places and experience different cultures, I am pretty much always happy to get home. There’s just something so wonderful about crawling into your own bed after multiple days on the road, as well as standing under your own shower enveloped by the familiar fragrance of your usual shampoo and body wash.

This feeling is especially heightened after visiting a Third World country like Tanzania. Things that Americans/most Europeans take for granted, like drinkable tap water and round-the-clock electricity, are luxuries there. I was so appreciative of the plentiful, perfectly pressurized hot water pouring from shower head in the Penthouse Nordic this morning that I actually sang the Swedish National Anthem (loudly).

On the other hand, we’re still dealing with the First World problem of lost airline luggage. My most recent contact with Kastrup Arrival Services indicated that our backpacks were on the Doha flight that’s scheduled to arrive this afternoon,  but the online tracking site they encouraged us to use is still showing an unsettling “no information available” message every time we check it.  Talk about NOT inspiring confidence.

Plus the uncertainty is creating yet another First World problem: when to reschedule our laundry time. Because believe me, the dirty underwear buried in those bags cannot possibly be allowed to fester any longer than it already has! 

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