Aug 29 2012

Safari photos are up!

Thanks to Dr. Darling‘s slavish dedication over the past three days, the majority of the photos from our Tanzania trip are now up on Flickr. You can go directly to the photo set by clicking here. I recommend using the side-show option if you have the time and interest (there are just over 500 images there right now) but they are also tagged if you want to narrow down the view to a specific animal or location.

They do not have titles or descriptions yet (my department), but most don’t really need much of an explanation. We’d love to hear what you think, either here on the blog or in the comments on Flickr.

Hello from Africa!

Hello from Africa!

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  1. Karrie

    Beautiful photos, Sharon – I really enjoyed them!

    1. Shazzer

      Thanks, Karrie! We were really pleased with the results, too. I, for one, had not spent much time shooting with our digital SLRs before the trip (my iPhone has become my camera of choice over the past couple of years).

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