Sep 01 2012

Introducing ShazzerTV

For some unknown reason, the social-media-shy … no, make that social-media-phobic Dr. Darling has decided that the raw, extremely amateur videos I shot with my iPhone during our recent safari in Tanzania should have a wider audience than just Flickr.

This is a somewhat stunning development for the notoriously private Swede, who normally just barely tolerates my blogging habit. But now she’s saying the safari videos are fair game even though she is visible in some of them and sometimes even recognizable. What planet am I on?

While I have long been an avid user of social media when it comes to creating 140 characters of brilliant text or snapping a potentially interesting photo, I have never had much interest in creating video due to the heavy post-production lift. I’ve yet to find an app for quick and easy video editing on the iPhone on-the-fly (recommendations are most welcome in the comments), and have never taken the time to learn iMovie even though the program has come pre-installed on new Macs for years.

Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

So a YouTube Channel was not even on my radar until the Swede suggested it, but how convenient that the username ShazzerTV was still available. ;^)  The videos are “as shot”, direct uploads from the iPhone without so much as a title or a trim … and I make no promises that the production values will ever improve. Nor am I sure how often I’ll upload new stuff.

But then again, perhaps my inner Quentin Tarantino will be unleashed?

Click here to visit ShazzerTV on YouTube.

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