Oct 15 2012

Study links chocolate consumption to Nobel prize winners


As Jezebel Notes: Chocolate Is Clearly the Preferred Treat of Geniuses the World Over.

Their blog post is about a “study” which appeared ion the New England Journal of medicine that suggested a correlation between per capita chocolate consumption and the number of Nobel Prizes a country had won.

According to Jezebel’s Doug Berry, the study’s author “concedes that chocolate probably isn’t making people smarter, but suggests that smart people know how fucking awesome chocolate is and regularly avail themselves of its mental health benefits.”


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  1. davidmalta

    I admire your optimism! It’s good to look on the bright side of chocolate consumption, although as you sit on the bus across from a “larger-boned-person” inserting a Mars bar into their gaping maw like a credit card into a machine, it’s difficult to contemplate the intellectual benefits of same. Still, as someone not averse to a chocolate or two, I’ll go with you and the New England Journal of Medicine!

  2. Shazzer

    What a wise and well-reasoned response, David! Thanks for commenting … I raise a chocolate to you!

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