Oct 23 2012

The Honey Don’t List

Evidently Copenhagen‘s Ph.D postal carrier hit some kind of “overtime wall” yesterday and was told by the boss at the end of the business day to take the rest of the week off. Gee, a little notice would have been nice.

I do actually have a fair number of comp days banked, but most are already committed to the Christmas and New Year’s holidays when both my Mom and one of her sisters will be visiting from the U.S. Besides, even if I could get away with taking a couple of days off at the absolute last minute, it’s too late to plan anything interesting to do with them anyway.

So Dr. Darling unexpectedly has the apartment all to herself for the rest of the week, and in a moment of empathy as I was struggling mightily to extract myself from our cozy bed this morning (something I find nearly impossible to do when the ever-snuggley Swede is still in it), she actually suggested that she might even tackle a “Honey Do List.”

But when I, without skipping a beat, rattled off two or three chores that needed doing around The Penthouse Nordic, there was an extended pause followed by, “Clearly it was a big mistake mentioning this to you.”

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