Oct 27 2012

Good thing my Apple budget is already blown for 2012

Despite the fact the Steve Jobs said Apple had no interest in developing a smaller version of the iPad as recently as two years ago, darn it if they didn’t release one this week.

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

And I’m actually feeling kind of grateful that my 2012 Apple budget is already committed to a new MacBook Pro, because otherwise I would be sorely tempted to break my long-standing rule on avoiding the 1st generation of a new product … even an Apple product. (But I’m clearly a minority given that the initial pre-order stock of the white version of the iPad Mini is already sold out.)

Up to now, I’ve had very little difficulty resisting the urge to buy an iPad. I have an 11-inch MacBook Air that’s just as portable but with a full-size keyboard. I also have a Kindle Fire that is the perfect size for reading e-books and playing games, but I’ve often wished that its Android apps were a little more polished and that it’s web-browser wasn’t so clunky. 

So the iPad Mini really appeals to me, but it’s going to be mid-2013 (at the earliest) before I’ll be able to slide such a purchase past my Swede. And if the Mini is updated as frequently as the original iPad, the 2nd generation will probably be available by then.

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