Jan 27 2013

If an ad could convince me to go veggie, this is it


Because I have a thing for maps.

And nakedness.

Seriously, though, the Swede and I have talked about various ways to dial back our meat consumption this year. And though I can’t see either one of us ever choosing to abandon our carnivorous ways completely,  we are both quite content to eat vegetarian on a regular basis.

Besides, it’s good for us … and it’s good for the planet.

Kind of stupid not to give something so win/win some serious consideration.

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  1. Ron

    Watchit’ Lady! You’re starting to sound like an anarchist. Before you know it you’l be firmly entrenched on the dark side with me! Haa Ha Haaaa!

    Here’s a little something in the form of a Ted Talk you night enjoy. Bon Appetit!

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