Feb 12 2013

Beyonce biljett BUST

For the non-Swedes, “biljett” is Swedish for “ticket.”  And in this one case, my love of alliteration trumps my need for you to know what I’m talking about in the title of this post. Last week I mentioned that I thought I might try to score some tickets to see Beyonce when she performs in Copenhagen in May. This is the account of the adventure this turned out to be.

Although the tickets for Queen Bey’s Scandinavian shows were not released for sale to the general public until yesterday, a pal of mine who is plugged in to the entertainment scene in Copenhagen tipped me off to a website where I could sign up for a pre-sale last Friday.

All was going to plan, and I even managed to navigate the online queuing system in Danish, but when my turn to buy came up, the only tickets available were for “standing” on the main floor. What the hell? I thought this was kind of odd, but chalked it up to the possibility that organizers presumed that anyone who was a big enough fan to register for early ticket sales would probably want to stand on the main floor as close to the stage as possible. And I sort of fit that demographic, except for the fact that I’m somewhat vertically challenged and was not willing to part with that much Danish kronor with no guarantee that I’d actually be able to see Beyonce, to say nothing of spending the entire show with my face at armpit-level of the rest of the dancing throng.

Beyonce 2013 Tour PosterSo after a quick text consult with the average-height-ed Dr. Darling (who tolerates my Beyonce crush with the same degree of wry patience as my Angelina Jolie crush and my Charlize Theron crush), I gave up my option to buy on Friday in favor of giving it another shot on Monday when I assumed other types of tickets would be available for sale. (I had checked out the seating chart for the venue and knew there was both terraced seating on the far end of the main floor and balcony seating on three sides, all of which were preferable in my lone eye.)

Now I realize I’m old and not a regular pop-music-icon concert attender, but it NEVER occurred to me that standing tickets would be the ONLY kind available to buy. Evidently for big acts, The Forum in Copenhagen provides general admission tickets to specific sections where seats would normally be located, allowing them to sell 10,000 of them instead of 8,500 … which sounds like a claustrophobic fire trap of a nightmare to me.

Don’t get me wrong … I have no illusions about spending much time sitting in any seat … I know the entire audience (including me) is going to be on its feet for the whole show. But I want a specific place, preferably on a tiered balcony, that’s reserved for me … and a seat ensures that.

So once again I consulted the Swede by text (because this ticket chase is happening mid-morning when we both are supposed to be working) and we decide to try Stockholm’s Globe Arena instead, even though it would mean us both taking a couple of vacation days in order to get there and back for a weeknight show. But at least we knew there were both balconies and permanent seating, and I really appreciated Dr. Darling’s willingness to go that distance.

So I gave up a second chance to buy Beyonce tickets and jumped into the electronic queue for the Stockholm venue which can seat up to 16,000 people. But alas, it was already too late by the time I made the switch. Both Stockholm and Copenhagen had sold out.

When I shared this very disappointing news with the Swede, I got a text back with a single word: “Oslo”? And in that moment, I knew two things with absolute certainty.

1. I married really well.

2. Beyonce totally needs to play stadiums. 

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