Feb 24 2013

Who was that mysterious dancing mom?

Clearly my confession earlier this week to “not feeling” Michelle Obama‘s 2nd term White House portrait did not tarnish my reputation as a major FLOTUS fan, because multiple people sent me a link to “The Evolution of Mom Dancing” video yesterday.

Evidently the First Lady made an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Friday and two days later the video of the dance routine has over two million hits on YouTube. I myself am responsible for at least a half-dozen of those views (because I watched it every time someone sent me the link and also showed it to Dr. Darling), but it wasn’t until like, the fifth viewing, that I realized that Jimmy Fallon was actually playing the other dancing Mom.

I guess I was just so mesmerized by Michelle’s moves that I never really looked all that closely at the “lady” in the pink cardigan. Plus, that was a really good wig.

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