Apr 05 2013

Dr. Darling, Dream Catcher

So the Swede’s gawd-awful-early alarm clock woke me from an odd dream this morning, and as long as we were both awake I figured I might as well tell her about it.

I was on a road-trip with three good friends, and as is often the case in my dreams, they were not people I actually know in real-life. But in the dream, we were all close enough to throw in together on a motor-home rental for a cross-country trek.

But here’s the odd part. After we’d been on the road for a while, all four of us realized that we had each forgotten our mobile phones … a detail that snapped Dr. Darling to attention.

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“YOU left the house without your mobile phone? In your world, that’s not a dream, that’s a nightmare.”

She had me there. I feel absolutely naked without my iPhone and can probably count the number of times I’ve actually been separated from it on one hand.

“Shows how much you know,” I countered. “None of us were particularly bothered about being off-the-grid. At least not until we realize that we had no way to call for help case of an emergency.”

And then, just to wrap it up with a bit of flourish, I asked rhetorically, “How did our ancestors handle it?!”

To which the Swede responded, without missing a beat, “They died.”

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