May 03 2013

My ‘baby’ is back home!

Now that my gorgeous 15″ MacBook Pro with Retina Display is safely back in my custody, I can finally bring myself to tell the tale of its recent and unnecessarily lengthy stay in the local Mac Hospital.

It all began one Tuesday evening early last month. I am always very careful about NOT setting beverages down near my computer(s), but on this particular evening, I made the mistake of setting the laptop down near a beverage that, because it was in my rather significant blind spot, I did not realize was there.

Now I don’t know whether I had put the drink on that particular corner of our coffee table, or if Dr. Darling had done it, but regardless of how it ended up there, I proceeded to catch the lip of the glass with my right hand and tip half of the contents of it across the keyboard of my beloved MacBook Pro. I actually managed to catch the glass before it went all the way over, but the damage was already done.

Cursing like a longshoremen, I flipped the laptop over immediately and turned it off, which was in fact somewhat tricky to do when it was upside down. Dr. Darling, who had been crashed out on the couch at the time of the “liquid incident” (what I learned later is the “official terminology” used by Mac repair technicians), sprang into action to clean up the rest of the spill. I honestly had no idea she was capable of such speed and clear thinking upon being roused from a sound sleep

I was, as you can imagine, completely MORTIFIED by what I’d done. The machine wasn’t even six months old yet, and I’d likely destroyed it in a fraction of a second. My Swede, who could easily have scolded me for my clumsiness, instead went into pragmatic mode saying things like, “This is why we have insurance,” and “Given that you’ve been completely blind on your right side for over five years now, it’s kind of a miracle that this hasn’t happened before.” I could not possibly have loved her more at that moment.

I did not touch the computer for four days while I poured over websites and Mac user forums for the latest advice on what to do, as well as the likely outcome, when your computer gets wet. The news was not good. But  I was oddly comforted by the fact that LOTS of people were looking for similar info … and most had managed to soak their MacBooks by much more creative and careless means than I did.

Remarkably, the machine fired right up after its 4 day dry-out and appeared to be working normally, so I backed it up and packed it up for a trip to the local Mac hospital for an estimate on how much damage I’d done to her guts. The guys at the MStore in central Malmö were incredibly empathetic and promised me a quick estimate for my insurance company. 

And then I left for Italy on business for a week, and had no time or opportunity to discuss options or potentialities with Dr. Darling.

The verdict was that both the logic board and entire top case were damaged had to be replaced to the tune of about 11,000 Swedish kronor (about $1,650 USD), which is basically two-thirds of the cost of a brand new one. This marked the beginning fairly detailed Q&A with the repair manager stretching over several days, in which I tried every conceivable angle to get him to tell me which was the smarter way to go: repair or just coughing up the difference to replace it.

Eventually I had to resort to the old stand-by, “What would YOU do if it was your machine?” Johan (we were definitely on a first-name basis by this point) finally admitted that he would not spend the additional 8,000 SEK to get a brand new one.

So I told him to go ahead with the repair, and my beloved MBP, now christened “Splash” was ready to be picked up less that 48 hours later. It’s almost like it’s never been away … except for the new house rule: No liquids in the same room as the computer!

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