May 05 2013

In bed with Angie Harmon

I hardly ever have erotic dreams, and on the rare occasions when I do have them, they NEVER involve anyone I actually know or even recognize (including, unfortunately, Dr. Darling).

Which is what makes the dream I had early this morning about Angie Harmon so unusual.

I was definitely in bed with the stunning “Rizzoli and Isles” star, but it was much like a scene from the hit TV show in which Boston police detective Jane Rizzoli regularly appears quite innocently in the sack with her medical examiner colleague and BFF Maura Isles. How the writers manage to pull this off simultaneously confounds and delights the show’s understandably HUGE lesbian and bi-lady fan base.

The scene in my dream was innocent, too, which means it “technically” fit my usual pattern.

The only difference between what was going on during my REM cycle this morning and what typically happens on the show is that Angie Harmon was wrapped around me like I was a body-pillow with her head resting on my chest. And yes, her hair smelled wonderful.

Eat your heart our, Sasha Alexander.

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