May 19 2013

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 – One Tweet at a Time

My adopted hometown of Malmö, Sweden, hosted the kitsch-fest that is the Eurovision Song Contest this year.

Karl X Gustav all dressed up for Eurovision! #...

Karl X Gustav all dressed up for Eurovision! via shazzersnaps

Sweden earned this honor by virtue of our song winning the contest in 2012. The surprise was that Sweden then chose Malmö as the host city over Stockholm. (I’m pretty sure the residents of the country’s capital are still getting over the shock.)

I have been providing a virtual play-by-play (and by that, I mean snarky running commentary) of the annual spectacle for my followers on Twitter for practically as long as I’ve had my Twitter account. I actually have enough of a reputation for it now that some of my tweeps actually look forward to it and cheer me on.

This year, because the event has pretty much been unavoidable for all of my friends in Sweden, I decided to cross-post my #esc2013 tweets to my Facebook timeline for the first time … starting with the following apology to my U.S. family and friends, who I knew would have no idea what I was talking about:

“Dear American FaceBook Friends … the Eurovision Song Contest, being hosted by my adopted home city of Malmö, Sweden, is about to get underway. Apologies in advance if my feed does not make sense to you for the next two hours. Nu kör vi, Malmö!!!”

I have since heard from a number of FB friends that my observations managed to be entertaining even with near-zero context … quite possibly the finest literary achievement of my microblogging career so far. Enjoy!

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