May 31 2013

I’ve got your “Love in an Elevator” right here

So we were on our way to our god-daughter‘s birthday dinner tonight and right after we stepped on the elevator for the ride up to her parent’s apartment, I decided to give Dr. Darling a quick kiss.

Evidently I do this a lot, and without thinking very much about it, because I was really surprised when the Swede’s response was, “What is it with you and elevators?”

“What you mean?”

“You’re always smooching on me when we’re alone in a lift. You’re like the ‘Elevator Romancer’ or something.”

“Well that’s probably because your ridiculous rules against PDA force me to grab a kiss whenever we’re in a private public space.”

“Nice comeback. But that doesn’t explain escalators.”

“Escalators? I never kiss you on escalators … except for that one time very early in our relationship when I was still blissfully unaware of your anti-PDA position.”

“Oh c’mon, you always snuggle right up to me whenever we’re on an escalator. You must be inspired by up-and-down motion.”

“Ah yes. That must be it. The old up-and-down motion. I remember it well.”

“Shut up.”

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