Jun 06 2013

Which National Day is it anyway?

For reasons that have never been completely clear to me, the Danish and Swedish National Days (their versions of U.S. Independence Day, without the fireworks) fall back-to-back. Denmark’s is on June 5, and Sweden’s follows immediately on June 6.

For the past few years, this has created a bit of a dilemma for Dr. Darling and myself by virtue of the fact that one of us works in Copenhagen (and it’s not me). This sets up a rather ironic situation where the Swede is off work on Danish National Day and the American is free on Swedish National Day … confused yet?

Fortunately, both my job and my company are flexible enough to allow me to take most Danish holidays as vacation or comp days, but the Swede rarely has much luck in getting the Swedish holidays off. So we tend to celebrate the Danish ones, usually by shopping … because everything’s open in Sweden and far less crowded than on the weekends.

Camping mattresses, compared and contrasted vi...

Camping mattresses, compared and contrasted via shazzersnap

So yesterday we decided to pull the trigger on the camping mattresses we’ve had our eye on for the past few months. Our old ThermARests are still in excellent condition and have served us well, but they are kind of large and bulky to carry compared to the technology available today. As we’d really like to get out and do some hiking this summer, smaller is definitely better.

So with the help of a sizeable gift certificate from my colleagues at work, we are now the proud owners of a pair of ExPed ultra-light sleeping mats, which not only put more distance between you and the ground, they also roll up to the size of a half-liter bottle for easy stowing in a pannier or backpack.

So after a trip to our favorite outdoor gear store, which was even more successful by virtue of the fact that Dr. Darling actually found a pair of shoes in her size ON SALE, we set up the old and new mattresses side-by-side. And if the living room floor of the Penthouse Nordic is an indication, the Expeds are significantly more comfortable that the ThermARests. 

Now to see what they will do “in the wild.” Stay tuned!

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