Jun 09 2013

Some tasks should not be multi-ed

So this 3-way conversation actually happened during a speaker-phone call with my buddy the Alpha Geek while searching for some correction fluid to fix a mistake I’d made on one of my income tax forms … probably because I was talking to the Alpha Geek.

Shazz: Honey … have you seen the Liquid Paper?

Alpha Geek: Are you talking to me?

Dr. Darling: I think it’s in the bathroom.

Shazz: No, I’m talking to Dr. Darling. In the bathroom? That’s a weird place for it.

Alpha Geek: You keep correction fluid in your bathroom?

Shazz: Of course not, that would be ridiculous. 

Dr. Darling: That’s where I saw it last. Why not just print another form?

Alpha Geek: I can think of very few reasons one would need correction fluid in the bathroom … none of them good.

Shazz: Because I don’t want to start over. Plus I can’t justify killing any more trees just because the U.S. government insists on knowing how much money I made last year.

Alpha Geek: Didn’t you have the option of filing electronically? (Naturally HE would ask that.)

Dr. Darling: Maybe it fell behind the waste basket. 

Shazz: E-filing from overseas is even more complicated than the paper forms, if you can believe that. Behind the waste basket?

Alpha Geek: I can’t believe you keep correction fluid in your bathroom.

Dr. Darling: Well we wouldn’t need to if Shazzer would just give up on doing Sudoku puzzles in ink.

Shazz: Shut up.

Alpha Geek: Are you talking to me?

Shazz: I’m talking to both of you.

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  1. mstibbsPat Tibbs

    Ha ha ha! You folks have the most interesting lives. I’m envious.

    1. Shazzer

      LOL Pat! “Interesting” is one word for it! But seriously, what have ShazzerSpeak readers really learned from this entry?
      1. Shazzer has a crappy memory.
      2. Shazzer attempts to solve sudoko puzzles while crapping.
      2. Shazzer is crappy at sudoku puzzles, hence the need for Liquid Paper.
      What’s to envy?!

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