Jun 18 2013

These are just 3 of my favorite things …

Sophie posing for a future Apple ad

This is my friend Sophie. Based on the number of hits my blog received the last time I wrote about her, people really like to read about Sophie on the internet. Obviously I need to blog about her more often.

As mentioned previously, Sophie likes to run and jump and climb and lift heavy objects in competitions that call for such things. And then afterwards, she likes to check her results using Apple products.This photo of Sophie + iPhone + MacBook pings so many of my Mac geek pleasure points that I can barely stand it.

This past Saturday, Sophie crushed the annual MalmöMilen 10K race with a personal-best time of 40:52. That is moving, my friends.

In fact, she was on such a blistering pace when she passed by her partner Matilda and I near the 3 kilometer marker in the Western Harbor that we almost missed her … though I blame some of that on the fact that Matilda could only manage a guess as to what color running clothes Sophie was wearing.

“I’m pretty sure her shoes are orange,” Matilda offered semi-helpfully, but I was not at all confident that would be enough info to pick Sophie out of the crowded field, especially if I was trying to do it through a camera lens

Dr. Darling, being unable to join us due to having to work on Saturday, had set me up with our “big camera”, which is what I call which-ever one of our digital SLRs has the 70-300mm zoom lens attached to it at the time. But the location Matilda selected for us to cheer from, while perfect for spectating, was not ideal for shooting with the zoom, especially since Sophie was practically on top of us by the time we saw her orange shoes (Matilda called that right), and was completely out of sight about eight seconds later.

But to be honest, I was far more interested in soaking up the atmosphere and bonding with Matilda over coffee (it was fika time, after all) and, ironically enough, our mutual loathing of running for exercise, than I was in taking pictures of the race.

Which is why, instead of a photo of Sophie galloping down the main promenade of the Western Harbor in her orange running shoes, you’re getting this shot of her relaxed and freshly showered on the outdoor landing in front of her apartment in a pair of fuzzy gray slippers. (Taken with MY iPhone, of course!)

Recent ShazzerSpeak statistics showing the "Sophie Spike"

In typical Sophie-style, she has already set her goals for the 2014 MalmöMilen, which evidently include getting BOTH Dr. Darling and I to run it, too. It’s going to be her greatest athletic challenge yet.

Congratulations, Sophie! If anyone can get me to run 10K, even at a snail’s pace, it’s definitely you. 

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  1. Ronald Tibbs  (@RonTibbs)

    If you run it, I’ll run it with you. I’m quite sure I hate running as much as you and Maltilda so it will be quite the experience. I’m seeing a costume theme maybe?

    1. Shazzer

      I think wacky outfits will definitely be required, Ron! We saw one “team” running in a horse costume … which had to be complete torture for the guy in the back-half of the suit!

  2. Angus Liddell

    This girl isnt only going places shes running towards them! One of Swedens most fantastic persons I can promise you that, proud to be a friend!

  3. Shazzer

    You are preaching to the choir, Angus! She’s definitely something special. Thanks so much for commenting!

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