Jun 20 2013

On the verge of Viking puberty

Swedish Flag

Swedish Flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today marks the 11th anniversary of my move Sweden, which basically puts me on the verge of Viking puberty. It’s also the start of what is essentially just over two-week’s worth of celebratory events for Dr. Darling and myself. 

June 20th is the date that the Swede and I have always celebrated as the beginning of our life together (even though we do have an actual wedding anniversary now) … and it always falls very close to the Swedish High Holy Holiday of Midsummer … which is NOT to be confused with the actual Summer Solstice.

Swedish Midsummer occurs on a different date from year-to-year due to Swedes’ insistance that it be a Saturday. This is because in Sweden, the actual celebration is always on the “eve” of whatever the holiday happens to be, and by conveniently making Midsummer Eve a Friday, everybody gets a three-day weekend. Pretty savvy, huh?

This year all planets are aligned in such a way that Sweden’s “Midsommar Afton” and the solstice actually land on the same date, which is kind of a rarity. So the big holiday weekend starts tomorrow for everyone except the Swede for whom I made this giant leap across the Atlantic because she works in Copenhagen. Are you confused yet?

But we’re both off on Monday (June 24) to celebrate two whole years of “signing papers” bliss (the Swede still can’t bring herself to use any form of the word “married“) which is followed two days later by Dr. Darling’s birthday. Then we get a week off until my birthday on July 4. How many people do you know who can jump from puberty to pre-menopausal in the span of a fortnight? Feel free to send gifts!  😀

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