Jun 22 2013

Feeling the love …

Last week I tweeted the fact that June 20th marked 11 years of my living in Sweden, and cheekily remarked that I was “on the verge of Viking puberty” before thanking the country for having me. Before long my radio pal Claes Gylling very kindly retweeted me with the following addition:

Best re-tweet ever!

For those who don’t read Swedish, he’s added “It’s us who should say thank you!” How sweet is that?

Then, at the crack of dawn on Friday morning, just before leaving for work,¬†Dr. Darling¬†surprised me by coming back into the bedroom and kissing me goodbye … a rarity. The Swede then wished me a happy anniversary even though it’s not actually until Monday, but as we got married on Midsommar Eve in 2011, I understood what she meant. And then even more remarkably, the emotionally stoic Swede volunteered an “I love you, too.” (I promptly put a red star on the calendar.)

So it is any wonder that I’ve had Rudimental running through my head for the past few days?

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