Jul 15 2013

We’re seeing red …

… thanks to a big sale at our local Intersport

Almost-matching new shoes. via shazzersnaps

Almost-matching new shoes. via shazzersnaps

These are two different models (honest … look closely!) of Salomon trail-running shoes, which we bought ourselves this weekend as both a reward for our recent hard fitness work, and as an incentive for our upcoming mountain hiking trip. But mostly, because they were seriously ON SALE. 

I have to admit I never thought I would find myself with a pair of red shoes, even of the comfortable, utilitarian variety. I especially never imagined the bright-color-shy Swede ever wearing anything like these attention-grabbing kicks. 

But the worst offense of all, is that we appear to be reneging on our promise to ourselves that we would NEVER turn into one of those couples who wear matching clothes. And *technically* we are not in violation of this pledge, but I don’t think anyone else is going to realize that.

(And for the record, Dr. Darling is the one wearing the black socks.) Pied Piper

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