Jul 29 2013

Burpee Challenge Update: Half-way to Hell Edition

Today was technically a “rest day” from our fairly new (we started July 1) and fairly aggressive (for us, anyway) fitness routine. For those interested in the details, Dr. Darling and I have joined a couple of Twitter pals and fellow Team Sopherocious members in doing Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred … but not necessarily on Jillian’s prescribed schedule.

For us,  the only deadline is to be ready to run the MalmöMilen 10k race in June of next year, so we have been mixing pure cardio workout days in between every couple of “Shred” days. We’ve also been allowing ourselves one rest day per week … the exception being the #@%&!! Burpees that Team Sopherocious namesake Sophie AKA Coach Hard-@$$ assigned us earlier this month.

The Burpee challenge is cumulative and started out easy enough … one Burpee on the first day, two on the next and so forth … so that allegedly, by Day 50, we will do 50 Burpees. The real kicker is that we are supposed to do them in addition to any other work-out we happen to be doing on any given day … which wasn’t so bad until we started getting into double-digits.

But then we moved on to Level 2 of the 30-Day Shred, which includes a bunch of strength and ab exercises in the plank position, and suddenly the Burpees got a whole lot harder. We’ve actually taken to dividing them up (with at least tacit approval from the aforementioned Coach Hard-@$$) so that we do half before the Shred and half after.

Today we hit the half-way point on our slog toward 50 Burpees and it just happened to be a rest day, which meant the bleeping Burpees were the ONLY thing we had to do. And I was all, “This is going to be a piece of cake because I won’t have pre-exhausted multiple muscles with all the planking in the Shred.” 


Turns out, Burpees are a lot less torturous when all your muscles are warmed up and/or your heart’s already pumping a bit from a little cardio … because today’s 25 Burpees, even when split into two sessions of 13 and 12, were as rough as any I’ve done so far. So much so that I’m actually kind glad I will be wrapping tomorrow’s 26 Burpees around Level 2 of the 30-Day Shred … planking be damned!

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