Aug 08 2013

Vacation mode finally kicks in …

Our 3-week summer vacation started on Monday of this week, but Dr. Darling had been up in Halmstad helping her Mom with some stuff since Saturday night, and I had a few last-minute things to take care of for work that morning, plus a Skype meeting for a national board I’m sitting on Monday night.

At the beach! via shazzersnaps

At the beach! via shazzersnaps

So vacation didn’t really kick-off until Tuesday, when we were both home and did not wake up to an alarm for the first time, and then spent the late afternoon/early evening introducing some friends to our favorite swimming spot along Ribersborgstrand.

It was the Swede’s first venture into the Öresund this year (despite my near constant campaigning to go for a swim throughout the month of July) and I was really glad Laura and Kunal were out of earshot when she let loose a blue streak of profanity as she hit the water. (The Öresund is notoriously cold even in late summer.)

Dr. Darling must not have been too traumatized by the experience, however, because we were back in the water the next day. But our body clocks and appetites have been off all week, almost as if we were jet-lagging. And neither one of us has been sleeping very well, which I had been blaming on the unusually warm and humid weather conditions. But now I wonder if maybe our usual work rhythms have been fighting with our efforts to settle into vacation rhythm. 

Until today, when during a lovely afternoon fika with the Alpha Geek and his family, he mentioned that they were going to do an IKEA run later in the afternoon, to which I responded, “You’re going to brave IKEA on a Saturday?”

If I no longer know what day it is, I have clearly achieved vacation rhythm. Now I just need the Swede to sync up with me and we’ll be golden. 

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