Oct 31 2013

Looks like Christmas is coming early this year

Silver iPhone 5S

Silver iPhone 5S

I know it’s just now Halloween, but here in Sweden … where there is no Thanksgiving holiday to mark the official start of the holiday shopping season … some stores are already beginning to decorate for Christmas.

Granted, the Swedish Apple Store is not one of them. But it has started selling the new iPhone 5S unlocked, and that’s holly & jolly enough for me. I have always been on the S schedule when it comes to the “Jesus phone.” My 1st one was a white 32gb 3GS and my 2nd was a white 64gb 4S.

So my 64gb silver beauty will be delivered sometime during the week of November 18 … or possibly a little earlier given how surprisingly popular the gold-finished one is seems to be.

Who knew so many of my friends were harboring inner “gangstas” and/or Hollywood wives?

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  1. Pat Tibbs

    Oh we’ve been seeing Christmas decorations here already 🙁

  2. Shazzer

    That’s ridiculous, Pat! The city is starting to put lights up, but they usually aren’t turned on until the start of Advent, and then they leave them on for awhile after Christmas because it’s just so frigging dark here!

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