Nov 11 2013

I am running, hear me “Roar”!

I have been wanting to blog about this Katy Perry song for several weeks now, but I hate the “official” video for it so much that I couldn’t bring myself to embed it here. Plus there’s this pesky calf injury that has kept me from running for the past three weeks, so I haven’t actually put in very many kilometers lately.

But thanks to performance artist Amanda Trusty, who takes on female body-image issues here LIKE A BOSS, and the efforts of my massage therapist, I can now share my current “go to” song on my “running” playlist with readers of ShazzerSpeak guilt-free.

Yes, you read that right … I have a “running” playlist on Spotify. And I HATE running, unless it’s with a purpose … like chasing a soccer ball, for instance. I will happily run all day long on a soccer field. But to run just for fitness? It’s always been torture. I’m not physically built for it, plus it’s BORING AS HELL. 

But I knew I was going to have to start running eventually (MalmöMilen 2014 beckons), and I might was well do it while the weather was still decent enough to run outside. I’ve also learned that it’s a ridiculously efficient cardio work-out, and when you wire yourself up with a heart-rate monitor, it’s really easy so see improvements and progress with every run, even when you’re convinced your performance was crap. 

Plus it’s hard not to feel like a winner when you’ve got this Katy Perry song playing really loud. (And I have no trouble imaging the crowd cheering in the background like they do in this video.)

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  1. Ellen

    Go, Shazz! What distance have you been tackling for starters?

    1. Shazzer

      Just recently moved up from 3k to 4k, Ellen! (So I still have a LONG way to go!)

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