Nov 30 2013

My 1st week with my 5S

As promised by the Swedish online Apple Store on Halloween, my new SILVER iPhone 5S (there has been some debate about which finish I actually got) arrived during the week of November 18. Tuesday afternoon to be specific.  But in a cruel twist of fate, my schedule was so friggin’ busy that I didn’t even have time to open the box until Friday night!

FINALLY! via shazzersnaps

FINALLY! via shazzersnaps

Those of you who know 1) how big of an Apple FanGurl I am, and B) of my deep and abiding love of gadgets, may have some idea of just how busy I had to be to not even remove it from the shipping packaging FOR THREE WHOLE DAYS.

But I also knew I needed to visit my network provider to switch out my micro-SIM for a nano-SIM before I could use it (how much smaller can the damn things get, anyway?), and I wanted to have a discussion with them about my options for extending my service plan. Since I had ZERO time to get by one of their retail stores during the week, I figured I’d take the weekend to play around with the new iOS (I had not updated my 4S to iOS7 yet) and summarize my data usage in preparation for negotiating a new deal.

So, imagine my disappointment when I discovered that I had to have a SIM card installed in order to “activate” the phone. WTF? It’s an unlocked phone straight from the factory … why the hell would I need a SIM card to be able to use the multitude of apps and features that don’t require a data connection? To say nothing of all the stuff I can do via WIFI. I was PISSED, to put it mildly.

So I immediately started Google-ing the issue and discovered that a lot of factory unlocked iPhone owners have been similarly unpleasantly surprised. But I also found out that it doesn’t have to be your own SIM card … of even an active SIM card. Virtually any nano-SIM card will get you past the annoying activation screen, so the next afternoon I borrowed the Alpha Geek’s (he has had a gold finish 5S for several weeks now) long enough to get the phone running … then popped it out and gave it back to him. TAKE THAT APPLE. Sheesh.

Suffice it to say I was not off to a good start with this extremely expensive device which is as renown for delivering a sublime user experience as it is for its functionality. I was seriously NOT feeling it. But damn it’s fast, the camera is awesome, and I cannot believe how quickly I got used to the bigger screen. By the time I got to my service provider to switch out my SIM (and renegotiate my contract … which I managed to reduce by 100 SEK a month while doubling my data) on Monday night, my 4S seemed small and very heavy by comparison.

There are a lot of things I LOVE about iOS 7, but the color scheme & iconography are not among them. The choice of cases available in Sweden is pretty dismal at the moment, and I’m also not thrilled about the change in charging cables. I’ve already left the one and only Lightening Connector (it came with the phone) at my office twice, forcing me to turn the phone off overnight so the battery would last until I got to work the next morning.

This rather detailed Facebook status is still racking up likes:

“Just powered down my iPhone 5S for the night because I left my one & only Lightening Connector cable at the office. So if you need to contact me in the next 8 hours, call the landline. And if you need Christmas gift ideas for me, I COULD REALLY USE A COUPLE MORE LIGHTENING CONNECTOR CABLES.”

But despite it all, I still would want to own any other phone. Apple FanGurl status, intact.

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