Jan 08 2014

NBC’s “Sound of Music” comes to Sweden, Vikings cringe

This would normally be the kind of event I would “live-Tweet”, but since NBC’s live production of “The Sound of Music” stage play had aired in the US over a month ago (and wasn’t “live” in any case), I decided to just mention it in my Facebook Timeline, where I honestly expected it to garner very little attention.

Boy Howdy, was I ever wrong. What follows is the actual and generally hilarious Facebook conversation that ensued, involving 14 of my friends and family members on both sides of the Atlantic. All typos and spelling errors have been preserved, only the names have been changed to protect the traumatized. I have also noted when a comment got multiple “likes”. Enjoy.

Shazzer: OMG … Swedish TV (SVT1) is airing NBC’s stage-production re-make of “The Sound of Music”! I’ve read enough about it to know not to waste my time … and yet I can’t. turn. away.
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Shazzer: My Swede, who had no history with the movie before meeting me, declared that Carrie Underwood‘s voice was “wrong” during her first song! Dr. Darling then fell asleep before Maria’s first line of dialogue. OH HOW I ENVY HER.

Maggie E: why can I not turn away..

Todd T: OMG

Todd T: just in time for “do reh mi”

Shazzer: At this point, I will fully understand if any of my friends or family in Sweden choose to unfriend me for alerting them to this train-wreck.

Todd T: …but you just can’t look away…it isn’t that awful is it?…just awkward and embarassing

Maggie E: Its like a REALLY REALLY BAD high school production of the musical!! Why oh why can’t I change the channel!!

Shazzer: There’s a reason why live theater productions aren’t shown on TV. Todd nailed it. Why didn’t NBC know this?

Todd T: oj…(the prayer scene)…now I am just embarassed for all of us…

Shazzer: Oh no … the Lonely Goatherd with no puppets … this is going to be painful.

Maggie E:  Its sooooo WRONG!!!

Todd T: finding it hard to suspend my disbelief…

Maggie E: Todd….I just want to cry….This is beyond BAD

Shazzer: I think I’m going to need to have my brain washed after this.

Todd T: The NY Times review is a hoot…”Ms. Underwood doesn’t have a lot of experience or natural stage presence: She delivered her spoken lines with all the inflection and spontaneity of an in-flight safety video.” “Mr. Moyer, who plays a sexy vampire on “True Blood,” did his best to make the Captain seem enamored of his children’s young nanny, but he kept a hand over his stomach much of the time, as if suppressing acid reflux”

Maggie E: what the HELL is this song? This must be in the stage production?

Shazzer: Uncle Max and the Baroness are the first two characters who haven’t made me want to hide under the couch.

Todd T: He seems to be quite the Nazi, actually

Sanna H: It IS Sound of music, after all

Todd T: everybody sing!

Ellen T: So glad I never saw it. This thread is far more entertaining in any case!
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Maggie E: these are 2 hours we won’t get back I was hoping it would get better but NO…TRAIN WRECK!!

Shazzer: If there’s an upside, it’s that most of the principal film cast is still alive and therefore not spinning in their graves.
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Maggie E: Yes but I’m sure they crapped their pants if they saw this horrible mess!

Shazzer: I’m holding my breath thru “So long, Farewell.” If I pass out in the process, I will consider myself lucky.

Kelly K: save yourself!!

Maggie E: Too late now!

Casey W: I think I can play the guitar better than Carrie Underwood with my feet… Blind-folded…. After a 12 pack. Really wanted to bleach my eyes after I saw that.
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Shazzer: And Maria returns to the family dressed like a 1960’s airline stewardess. WTF?!
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Ron T: Following this thread has been entertaining. I kept flashing back to all the things we used to yell at the movie screen during the ‘Teen-Scream Slasher’ movies of the 70’s.
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Maggie E: Hahahahaaaaaa…you read my mind!!!

Shazzer: Well, there are 2 hours and 20 minutes of my life that I can never get back. Ouch. I’m going to bed. Hopefully the show won’t give me nightmares.
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Maggie E: Good night! It was really bad but I got a good laugh

Shazzer: So did a few folks who weren’t even watching it, evidently!
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Tracy T: Ha ha! I know!

Kathleen B: I walked into the living room and it was on….but I didn’t know it. I said……..omg…is this the remake of The Sound of Music…and and sure enough it was……..yikesssssssssssssss

Maggie E: It was a insult to the original

Nicole C: This makes me wish I would have seen it for the spectacle it was.

Colleen W: Oh please just watch it so I can read your commentary!!!! PLEASE!!!!

Shazzer: Question for participants of this hilarious thread … okay if I blog it? I will change the names to protect the guilty.
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Maggie E: Sure! You can even use my name

Sanna H: Reading this, I am so glad I didn’t waste my evening on watching it!

Lotta A: Reading this makes me kick myself for missing it.

Gun N: I saw a jingle before and I prefer the movie

Randy B: Keep repeating Shazz, IT’S LIVE TV, IT’S LIVE TV….

Nancy B: Don’t know who was laughing, I was crying! Nobody should ever mess with Julie’s’ Maria.
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Philipp’ D: or the Will & Grace episode about it!

Shazzer: In case you’re in Sweden and missed it (like Lotta and Philipp’), the broadcast is available on SVTPlay until January 14.

Lotta A: Well I know what I’ll be doing tonight. I.e hide behind my skämskudde (“pillow of shame”) probably.



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