Monthly Archive: February 2014

Feb 14 2014

Getting Robin Wright “right”


Today’s typical Twitter exchange with my pal Nicci: Shazzer: The new season of “House of Cards” just dropped on Netflix Sweden. Guess I know what I’m doing this weekend. #bingewatching Nixxie71: I just love that she was Princess Buttercup. Shazzer: Long ago and far away. I love both her and Kevin Spacey in it! Nixxie71: I do …

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Feb 11 2014

Norway scores again with awesome Olympics TV ad


While they may not be outfitting the country’s famously-clad Olympic men’s curling team, Norwegian sports apparel company XXL All Sports United has declared its support of ALL competitors at the Sochi Games with this clever TV ad featuring a number of top Norwegian athletes. The tagline, “whatever team you play for”, is even more ballsy when you …

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Feb 10 2014

The Norwegian men’s curling team has already won …


… if Sochi was presenting Olympic medals for fashion! These Nordic dudes were the talk of the 2010 Winter Games with their fantastically colorful choices of uniform pants. Now they’ve gone Vancouver one better by adding knickerbockers to the mix … with a floral theme, no less! Once again, Team Norway is being pantsed by …

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Feb 04 2014

So sayeth the Swedish sous chef


Dr. Darling will tell you herself that she’s not much of a cook, but she can follow a recipe with the precision of a Swiss watch-maker and has picked up a few things from living with me for the last 10 years. Most nights we cook together. I work with the protein (she’s a little squeamish …

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