Mar 03 2014

Samsung scored the product-placement coup of century

I *thought* it was kind of fishy when host Ellen Degeneres whipped out something other than an iPhone for the now-famous Tweet-seen-round-the-world “selfie” during the 2014 Oscar‘s ceremony last night!

That’s because I have watched her talk show often enough to know that both she and her wife, Portia de Rossi, are iPhone owners. She doesn’t really advertise it, but she’s never hidden the fact either.

Mashable confirmed it with this blog post, the writer having dug up evidence of Ellen’s back-stage tweeting from her personal iPhone.

Which might explain why she handed the Samsung Galaxy to Bradley Cooper to actually take the celebrity-crammed photo. My employer forces me to use a Sony Xperia Z for work and I’d be hard-pressed to take a photo with it even though I’ve been carrying it for close to a year now. 

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