Mar 15 2014

Meet Coach Bad-@$$, Movie Star

There is a quite a bit of curiosity among some of my American friends and family about my MalmöMilen 2014 mentor and Team Sopherocious namesake, Sophie, AKA “Coach Bad-@$$.” Just who is this woman who has managed to inspire the heretofore Runs-Only-When-Being-Chased Shazzer to actually commit to completing a 10k race, they wonder?

Most of my closest friends on this side of the Atlantic have actually met Sophie and can attest to the fact that she is a real person. But now I have evidence from a third-party in the form of video she stars in for her company about the benefits of using Fibrex sugar beet fiber in gluten-free baking.

Now before you roll your eyes and think to yourself, “Just how much of this corporate marketing video am I going to have to watch in order to catch a glimpse of the mythical Coach Bad-@$$?” … the answer is THE WHOLE THING. Because in a fun twist, she plays virtually ALL the parts!

Seriously, she’s the “food scientist” in the beginning, the “bread baker”, the “woman in sauna” (though wrapped very un-Swedish-like in a towel) and the “girl on bike” at the end.

The only role Sophie does not play is the young lady who emerges from an icy dip in the sea at the 0:42 mark (also uncharacteristically … for this part of the world, at least … in a swimsuit), a fact that only took me two viewings to figure out. Ahem.

And before anybody suggests that I am perhaps a bit overly familiar with the back side of Sophie’s “body-by-CrossFit“, let me just clarify that it’s the side of her that many people know best … because Coach Bad-@$$ is always leading the pack.

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