Apr 27 2014

MalmöMilen registration: check and checkmate

Actual text message conversation from this morning:

Shazzer: Guess who just registered for the MalmöMilen?

Coach Bad-@$$: Dr. Darling?

Shazzer: Well yes, her, too, CHEEKY MONKEY!!!

Coach Bad-@$$: 10 burpees to celebrate!!! 

Shazzer: You’re killing me,  Coach! I just got back from a run! 

Coach Bad-@$$: Haha…that’s amazing! 10 more burpees!

Shazzer: I am *literally* laughing out loud!

And then I got off the iPhone and did 20 damn burpees before she asked me to “celebrate” any more.

Because I can’t deny Sophie anything, and unfortunately for me, she knows it. 

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