Jan 20 2015

Swedish TV programming be damned

With any luck, this will solve a problem that has plagued my TV-watching experience ever since I moved to Sweden almost 13 years ago.

For reasons I have never understood, the people who set the TV programming schedules in this country have an infuriating habit of randomly changing the times and days when shows air, making it pretty much impossible to record a series accurately with a standard DVR. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve missed the first few minutes of a show or movie, or (even more maddeningly) the last few minutes.

TIVO, if it works as it has FOR YEARS in the U.S., will supposedly solve this problem because it grabs shows *when they actually air* as opposed to what the program guide said when you elected to record it. Plus, we’re getting 3 free months of premium movie channels for signing up, which we will record the hell out of before canceling them … leaving us with a nice collection of films to entertain us through the remaining dark winter months  😉


2015 New Year’s Resolution #2: CHECK!

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