Feb 09 2015

Sometimes you get lucky

The recent turn of very cold weather has forced me to break out a pair of gloves for the walk to and from my office. I’m not a real fan of wearing them, mostly because I have to take them off every time I want to do something with my iPhone, which, to my surprise, happens a lot on the 25 minute journey. I respond to text messages, change podcasts or music, take pictures, etc. (And yes, I have a couple of pairs of gloves with the special fabric on the index fingers that is supposed to let you manipulate a touchscreen, but they are hit-and-miss at best.)

The other thing I’ve discovered about wearing gloves is that any rubber “cause” bracelet I may be wearing at the time (and I have a fairly extensive collection) can come off my wrist when I remove the gloves … without me even knowing it. I HATE THAT. Fortunately, I’ve only lost one bracelet this way … from last fall’s Color Run in Lund … the violet one, but I still have several other colors so it wasn’t a total tragedy.

But that changed earlier this week when I discovered that the “Love Conquers Hate” bracelet that I bought at the local Human Rights Campaign office in San Francisco several years ago was not on my wrist when I got to my office. I knew how I’d lost it the moment I realized it was missing, I just had NO idea where it had happened.

On the walk home I tried to think of every place I might have taken off my gloves off (to use my phone) and took a careful look on the ground for the black rubber bracelet, with NO luck. I figured it was gone for good until two days later when, while crossing Davidshall Square diagonally, my lone left eye caught a glimpse of something up against a building that warranted further investigation. To my shock and delight, it was my HRC bracelet in perfect condition despite having lived on the street in freezing conditions for 48 hours.

But I’m still kind of disturbed by the fact that I have absolutely NO memory of taking off my gloves or using my phone in that particular location.


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