Feb 20 2015

So much for my imperviousness to cold & flu season

As a general rule, I’m a really healthy person. I rarely catch whatever bug is going around, even when Dr. Darling brings it home. In fact, it’s kind of a running joke between us that contagious diseases only travel one-way in our house.

Not too long ago, I was bragging to some colleagues about how I had not had so much as a case of the sniffles last winter. Both Dr. Darling and I were so healthy during the last cold & flu season that we ended up having to give away two bottles of specially imported Nyquil (which is basically liquid gold in these here parts) in order to insure they would be used before their expiration date this spring. (Multi-symptom cold medicine is non-existent in Sweden and you can’t get any kind of effective decongestant without a doctor’s prescription. Consequently, we always stock up on  over-the-counter cold medicine whenever we’re in the US or UK.)

Of course within weeks of boasting about my long streak of good health, I came down with a head-cold and even rarer sore throat … both of which are taking forever to kick. As of today, it’s been 10 days (and counting) since I last felt decent without being medicated. So not only have I put a huge dent in our current cold meds stash … I’ve also managed to pass the it on to the Swede, who thankfully is a light-weight when it comes to all kinds of chemicals and only requires half the standard adult dose.

I do realize that I probably haven’t helped myself by not just giving in to it and getting some real rest. Other than working from home for a day and a-half last week (when I figured I was probably contagious) and skipping my night class on Tuesday, it’s been business-as-usual … minus my 4x per week workouts. And to my surprise, being unable to exercise is pissing me off just as much as … if not MORE than … feeling crappy is.

For the past couple of nights I’ve managed to sleep without taking any cold medicine, so I figure I’m FINALLY on the tail end of it. And even waking up this morning with a terrible sinus headache has not swayed me from this belief. You know you’re desperately tired of being sick when you interpret waking up with a sinus headache as a positive sign … because at least it’s a kind discomfort that I recognize as different from the headache that’s been part of this lingering cold.

But in the future, I’m going to try to remember that the  Nordic Winter Illness Gods do not like to be taunted.


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