May 05 2015

Ticking all my geek boxes

I love technology, and I especially love “green” technology. So even though I don’t own a motor vehicle, I was really excited to get an invite to the unveiling of Malmö‘s newest electric car charging station … powered entirely by renewable energy. 

InnoVentum’s Giraffe 2 hybrid renewable-energy electric car charging station.

The simple yet futuristic-looking contraption is the creation of a company called InnoVentum, which is based here in Malmö. The cleverly-named “Giraffe 2” converts both solar and wind power into electricity for electric cars, with space for two of them to park and charge underneath the array of solar panels at the same time. I snapped this photo of the Giraffe 2 before the skies darkened and the rain clouds opened up on us. (Providing plenty of wind for the windmill turbine at the top.)

In addition to the unveiling, there was also a panel discussion with a bunch of movers-and-shakers from the green energy industry in this region, as well as local government officials and university researchers. I had a great chat with a couple of Danish engineering students who, upon finding out I was a communications professional, couldn’t wait to get my feedback on the promotional video they had made for Tesla. Oh to be so young and enthusiastic and only seeing a future of infinite possibilities before you. I remember the feeling well.

The only other fuel on hand was caffeine, provided by an “open espresso bar” … which basically turned me into Forrest Gump when he visited John F. Kennedy’s White House as an “All-American” college football player. Forrest may have kept a running count of the free Dr Peppers he guzzled, but I completely lost track of how many espresso-based drinks I had over the course of the afternoon. Because if there’s one thing I love as much as technology and green energy, it’s COFFEE.

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  1. mstibbs

    What a great device. Is it on the open market yet?

  2. Shazzer

    Yes it is, Pat! http://www.innoventum.se/giraffe-2-0/ And it can generate enough energy to power a house!

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