May 13 2015

Too bad we’re not skiing

Dr. Darling and I are heading to the Swiss Alps tomorrow for a highly anticipated long “Training Weekend” organized by Coach Bad-@$$.

“Highly anticipated” because #1) it’s the first time we’ve ever road-tripped with the globe-trotting Sonic Youth (AKA Sophie & Mrs. Coach Bad-@$$, Matilda), something we have long wanted to do, B) it’s going to be a great opportunity to get to know some of their extended family and other friends, and last but not least … it’s the Swiss Alps in spring-time … who wouldn’t want a piece of that action?!

The 4-day trip is set up in a “training camp” format because Sophie loves to run in mountains and very conveniently has extended family in Switzerland, making it the ideal location for her to work out in preparation for the big Swedish mountain marathon she will compete in this summer.

When she started assembling a group of 10 friends and family members to join her on this adventure last February, we were surprised and delighted to be included. But we are under no illusions about why: our role is to entertain Matilda while the hardcore distance runners and CrossFitters hurtle themselves up and down the mountains chasing Sophie all day long. 😉

Of course, being a total Bad-@$$, Sophie has other workouts planned for the whole group (incline intervals, strength training, yoga, etc.), and we are happy to take part in and likely provide a little comic relief during those, but spring-time hiking in the Alps has always been a “main attraction” of the trip as far as we’re concerned.

But it looks like we better plan to get our hiking in on arrival day because the weather forecast is calling for “winter” on Friday. BIG TIME. We are looking at 5 to 8 inches of snow expected during the day. (And there could be another couple of inches during Friday night.)

Now I’m not so naive as to presume that mid-May at that altitude wouldn’t be chilly, but seriously … that much snow? Conditions have been sunny and warm all week (I’ve been watching the forecast like a hawk) and the sunshine and mild temperatures are slated to return the day after we leave. Clearly I’m jinxed.

But worst of all, we haven’t even left yet and I’m pretty sure the Sonic Youth will never want to road-trip with us again.

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