May 18 2015

Just got my butt kicked in a beautiful place

Dr. Darling and I are back from our much anticipated first-ever road-trip with our friends Sophie & Matilda (AKA “the Sonic Youth”). We share a lot of similar interests and they are just plain fun to be with … so we kind of figured that traveling with them had the potential to be all kinds of win. On that front, I’m delighted and not at all surprised to report that we were absolutely right.

Sophie, who regular readers of this blog will know as the infamous Coach Bad-@$$, started planning the trip back in February. She has extended family living not too far from Verbier, Switzerland, and as she’s currently training for a trail-running marathon in the Swedish moors this summer, the Swiss Alps were an ideal location for her to log some kilometers.

And has it happens, her older brother is running the Gothenburg Half-Marathon later this month (running clearly “runs in the family” … sorry, I couldn’t help myself), so the timing was great for him and his BFF (also a half-marathon entrant) as well. A couple of Sophie’s CrossFit pals rounded out the group because CrossFitters actually do things like running in mountains for fun.


The view from the drive up to Verbier.

Dr. Darling and I initially presumed we were included primarily for Matilda’s amusement ... because although she’s very sporty and fit herself, she’s not the workout beast Sophie is (few people in the world are, quite frankly) and she isn’t in training for any big endurance events at the moment. In fact, she’s technically still recovering from The Toughest at this point. So the Swede and I were looking forward to 4 days of hiking, photo-taking, chocolate-eating and coffee-drinking with Matilda.

But it turns out that Coach Bad-@$$ had other ideas. We did do plenty of hiking (and photo-taking, chocolate-eating and coffee-drinking), but there was also running, including incline intervals on the side of a friggin’ mountain … as well as a tabata workout when there was too much snow on the ground to run or even hike thanks to a snowstorm on our 2nd day there. Not exactly your average Joe‘s idea of a relaxing Spring weekend in the mountains.  😕

But despite the near non-stop physical activity at altitude, we had a blast getting to know a wonderful new group of people as well as confirming our suspicion that the “Sonic Youth” are indeed great travel partners. We would both do a Swiss training weekend with Coach Bad-@$$ again in a heartbeat … of which there were many according to my Polar Beat heart-rate monitor. And not just from the exercise, but from views like this:


The view from the balcony of our chalet.


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