May 30 2015

And the carb-fest continues in Sweden’s capital!

English: Stockholm ( Sweden ). Sailing ship &q...

Sailing ship “Af Chapman”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My brother, for all his many visits with us here in Sweden, had never been to Stockholm.

So we fixed that on this trip … though somewhat at the “last-minute” because although we offered it up early in the itinerary planning process (as we do every time he comes over) … he declined, saying he preferred to have more time to poke around Copenhagen and hang out with our friends. But after the 3rd or 4th colleague expressed surprise that he was going to be Sweden for 2+ weeks and was NOT going to see Stockholm, he changed his mind.

Fortunately, I was able to pull off both transport and accommodation on short notice, and had us training up & back First Class on the X2000 (not as fancy as it sounds, but to an American who only knows Amtrak, it’s pretty luxurious) and then staying over night on the AF Chapman, a sailing ship that’s been converted into a hostel.

We had a great time … seeing lots of Sweden’s gorgeous capital city in a very short period of time, mostly on foot, which is why I figured we could indulge in few carbs while we were there. Dr. Darling & I are still very much on the LCHF train and try to avoid carbs even when we travel … but there’s just no way around them if we were going to enjoy the breakfast we have come to call “The Davy Special” … which is anchored by an Espresso House scone slathered with cream cheese and Bosenberry jam. SO TOTALLY WORTH IT.


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