Jun 05 2015

Seeing him off with Swedish sunshine

My brother’s all-too-short visit wraps up tomorrow (Sweden’s National Day … how the hell did that happen?) so I took the day off (which I always do on Denmark’s National Day) to hang out with him and the vacationing Dr. Darling. They have had their usual rip-roaring time together, to the degree that my quiet, introverted Swede rips or roars about anything.

Fortunately, the viking version of Mother Nature (and she can be a savage mistress) decided to grace us with a glimpse of summer this afternoon, so we put together a picnic and headed to Scaniaparken with the Alpha Geek and our god-daughter and a bottle of chilled white wine.


@DocDarling’s Fjällräven “adventure pants” have many handy features!

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Over the course of a lovely afternoon, both Coach Bad-@$$ & Matilda (AKA Sonic Youth) and my near-nephew & his dad Kunal joined us for a bit, which made for a really nice last day for The Brothership, who will not be permitted to let another 4 years go by before he visits again.

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  1. mstibbs

    I wanta see that: Doc Darling rip-roaring!

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