Jun 26 2015

A milestone birthday deserves a milestone gift

Dr. Darling is marking a significant birthday today. Note my very intentional use of the word “marking” instead of “celebrating.” Let’s just say it’s one of those birthdays that ends in zero that women typically don’t like to talk about. Actually, I don’t think men like to talk about it much, either. In any case, I slid past it long ago so I don’t think the Swede has anything to complain about.

Our Goddaughter and her Dad collaborated on a specially-decorated wooden wine box that was supplemented with a few items the little Princess picked out herself; some original artwork, a bag of fresh strawberries, and a very common Swedish sausage called “falukorv” which pretty much formed the foundation of Dr. Darling‘s diet before I moved here and took over most of the cooking.  As a total package, it was was pretty much perfect.


Dr. Darling’s Birthday Box from our Goddaughter.

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The other milestone gift was delivered by the U.S. Supreme Court, which just as it did on her birthday in 2013, chose June 26 to deliver a huge victory for same-sex marriage rights in my home country. As of today, we will be recognized as legal spouses no matter which U.S. state we happen to be visiting, which was not the case the last time we were there. That situation set up the interesting dynamic in which we were swinging singles while at my Mom’s place in conservative Indiana and a boring married couple at my sister’s in liberal California. Oh the irony.

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