Jun 29 2015

I should really take sailing lessons …

I don’t know whether it’s the fact that I was born under an astrological water sign (if you put stock in such things) or that I grew up in the land-locked midwestern U.S., but for as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by, drawn to and felt very at home near large bodies of water. I think it’s why I headed to southwest Florida immediately after I graduated from college, and it was probably a factor in my willingness move to Sweden, where I live in the coastal city of Malmö.  And it’s definitely why I love boats. Pretty much all kinds of boats.

I also love to see women obliterating stereotypes and succeeding in traditionally male-dominated domains like the Volvo Ocean Race, which is why it was perfectly natural for me to geek out over the all-female Team SCA competing in the 2014-2015 round-the-world event. Add the fact that their boat was sponsored by a Swedish company and that the race was going to finish in Gothenburg, and there was no holding back the unbridled fandom on my part.

Naturally, we had to go up to G-Town for the in-port race … which coincided nicely with Dr. Darling‘s birthday weekend. And since we managed to corral the Alpha Geek, our God-daughter and my mother-in-law for the road-trip, it felt even more celebratory.


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It was so cool to actually see the team in real-life after following them online for so long. An added thrill for our God-daughter was the fact that Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria was aboard the “home-team” SCA yacht for the final in-port race of the competition. And thanks to some smart maneuvering that would have made the Team SCA navigator proud, we managed to get close enough to the awards ceremony stage to get sprayed with the champagne that skippers shower their crews with after being handed a trophy.

‘Proximity to awesomeness’ has always been a huge inspiration and motivator for me. Here’s hoping that my God-daughter, though only 6-years-old, got a bit of that spark from getting up-close to the incredible sailors of Team SCA as well as the Princess Victoria.  😉


Annie Lush & Liz Wardley of @team_sca in the #volvooceanrace2015 Race Village in Gothenburg.

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