Jul 10 2015

Not sure “organic” really benefits gin

Dr. Darling and I try to buy organically-produced and fair-trade products whenever possible, and in the case of grass-fed and free-range meat, when it’s not prohibitively expensive. In most cases, in addition to being healthier, the organic stuff just tastes better.

But we recently discovered that this is not necessarily the case with my spirit of choice, gin. The Swede got this locally-produced bottle for me for Christmas and we have been saving it for a special occasion ever since. Now I realize that some would question the wisdom of expecting much of anything from gin produced outside of the UK, however, we’ve previously really enjoyed another Swedish gin (also organic) called Tärnö. Unfortunately this gin was no Tärnö.


Tonight’s gin-buzz is totally organic.

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Our expectations were actually quite high based on how expensive it was … which is kind of stupid considering how much we both like Gordon’s, a gin that regularly stands up to far more expensive options in the blind G&T taste-tests we occasionally conduct to amuse friends. But this gin was entirely too “pine-flavoured” for me. I’ve never actually tasted the water in the base of our live Christmas tree stand after New Year’s, but this gin reminded me of what I kind of suspect that water would taste like.

On the upside, the bottle is kind of interesting. We may even find a creative use for it if we ever actually drink the rest of the contents.

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